Alan McGuire


Age: 25
P.P.E.: 6
S.D.C: 16
Hit Points: 15

O.C.C: Survivor 1
Survivor Pre-Apocalypse Occupation: Computer Programmer Level 3

Alignment: Unprincipled (Selfish)
Gender: Male

Intelligence Quotient: 17
Mental Endurance: 12
Mental Affinity: 14
Physical Strength: 7
Physical Prowess: 10
Physical Endurance: 9
Physical Beauty: 8
Speed: 11

O.C.C Bonus: +1 Save vs. Horror Factor

Common Skills
Language: English 88%
Literacy: English 80%
Mathematics: Basic 72%
Automobile Operation 69%

Occupational Skills
Basic Electronics 55%
Computer Operation 89%
Computer Programming 83%
Hacking 65%
Electronic Counter-Measures 15%
Research 15%
Tech Writing 85%
Surveillance 55%
Barter 40%

Elective Skills
Advanced Math 69%
Chemistry 55%
Chemistry: Analytical 40%
Jury-Rig 35%
Aircraft: Helicopter 52%
Electrical Engineering 35%
Electricity Generation 50%

Secondary Skills

Known Attacks


Alan McGuire is a small, nerdy, computer programmer. Initially very excited for the zombie apocalypse, the reality of his situation quickly sank in. Now he has to rely on other people, and find his own way to contribute to the survival of the group. Whatever that may be…

Alan McGuire

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