Harrison "Harry" O'Connor


Age: 32
P.P.E.: 3
S.D.C: 36
Hit Points: 17
O.C.C: Survivor 1
Survivor Pre-Apocalypse Occupation: Factory Worker 2 (Ex-Military)
Alignment: Anarchist
Gender: Male
XP: 1100

Intelligence Quotient: 10
Mental Endurance: 15
Mental Affinity: 14
Physical Strength: 18
Physical Prowess: 10
Physical Endurance: 14
Physical Beauty: 7
Speed: 12

O.C.C Bonus: +1 Save vs. Horror Factor

Known Attacks

Axe Kick (2d8+3 Damage)
Knee Strike (1d8+3 Damage)
Leap Kick (3d8+3 Damage, counts as 2 attacks).
Roundhouse Kick (3d6+3 Damage)
Basic Kick (1d8+3)

Common Skills

Language: English 88%
Literacy: English 80%
Mathematics: Basic 72%

Occupational Skills

W.P. Rifle
Athletics: General
Hand to Hand: Basic

Demolitions 73%
Automobile +69%
Concealment 34%
Recognize Weapon Quality 40%
General Repair and Maintenance +60%
Military Etiquette 45%
Streetwise +34%
Pick Locks 45%
Salvage +50%

Elective Skills

Hand-to-Hand: Expert

Fishing 50%
Basic Electronics 40%
Automotive Mechanics 70%

Secondary Skills

Forced March

Swim 50%

Skill Bonuses

4 Melee Attacks/Round

+1 to parry and dodge.
+2 to pull punch.
+5 to roll with impact/fall/punch.


Ex-IRA and Irish National Liberation Army. (terrorist and criminal) He moved to Canada after they were decommissioned in 2009, losing faith in Ireland. He decided to just live out as a factory worker and frequent the pubs to drink some of his bitterness away. Someday he hopes to return to Ireland if the IRA ever gets back together. Out of habit or hope that the organization will revive itself, he still keeps fit and his skills sharp. He is generally indifferent to other people.

Harrison "Harry" O'Connor

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