Jessica O'Neil

Frank Carson's Niece


Age: 17
Alignment: Principled
Gender: Female


Jessica, in the simplest terms, is what happens when you let Frank Carson raise a girl from a very young age. When her parents passed away she had no choice but to go with her brother Jacob and live with their somewhat estranged uncle, Frank. Being exposed to many of Frank’s hobbies (mostly left over from his time in the military) she has a mixture of skills that most modern girls do not possess.

Tomboyish and headstrong, she can be an intimidating person to approach and as such, she does not have very many friends, especially among her own gender. Also unlike most girls her age, she could not care less about boys, pop music, fashion, and the myriad of other things young women tend to entertain themselves with, preferring to read comics, manga, watching action and kung-fu movies, and mastering her martial arts techniques.

In the face of adversity she can come off as a little detached, a trait that stems from the trauma she experienced when she was younger. She values her life, but accepts death as something that can happen to anyone, at any time, and views being afraid of death as an easy way to invite it. In short, she is not afraid to fight for her life and the lives of her friends and relatives. This can lead her to being reckless in dangerous situations, even if she means well by her actions.

When the disaster started she was safe at Frank’s home in the countryside, mostly unaware of what was happening while her uncle fought his way out of the city and returned home with a group of strange people. She is eager to help, and frustrated at Frank’s unwillingness to let her accompany him on supply runs and rescue attempts. Having been set to “guard duty” with Leslie Kinsley, a woman she doesn’t really share any common hobbies or views with, she instead entertains herself by surfing the internet and watching news reports, gathering as much intelligence about the walking dead as she can before mass media becomes inaccessible.

Jessica O'Neil

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