Leslie Kinsley


Age: 24
O.C.C: Survivor
Survivor Pre-Apocalypse Occupation: Waitress
Alignment: Principled
Gender: Female

Common Skills

Language: English 88%
Literacy: English 80%
Mathematics: Basic 72%

Occupational Skills

Automobile 69%
Computer Operation 73%
Cook (Amateur Quality) 60%
Sing 50%
Housekeeping 50%
Wardrobe & Grooming 64%

Elective Skills

Dance 40%
Motorcycles & Snowmobiles 70%
Brewing: Medicinal 35% / 40%
Basic Electronics 35%

Secondary Skills (4)


Charm/Impress 40%
Balance 80%
Climb 25%


Leslie is a small town girl that tried to make it in the big city. She came to southern Ontario looking to start a career in television or theater. After a little while she began to run into financial trouble, and was unable to finish her tenure at the performing arts school she was attending at the time. After working odd jobs in the city she realized she couldn’t stay there due to her financial situation and moved to a less expensive area.

From there she acquired a job as a hostess at a local establishment in her new town. She slowly began to appreciate the slower pace of living and decided to stay, despite her family urging her to come home and save money to get her life back on track. She refused, she loved the attention people gave her, and due to her likable personality and easy on the eyes appearance, she made better money than most people expect.

The night the disaster began she was working the late shift, serving a group of regulars whom she enjoyed talking to. They were a strange bunch, each with a different story and unique talents. She never expected that these very people would save her life when the dead rose, and even though she is afraid of what happens now, she has hope for the future and is willing to do what she can.

Leslie Kinsley

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