weapon (melee)

Type: Blunt Weapon
Medium Crowbar – 1D8
Large Crowbar – 2d6
Construction: Medium-Carbon Steel or Titanium, the least expensive, most common crowbars are forged from hexagonal, or sometimes cylindrical stock. More expensive designs may be forged with an I-shaped cross-section shaft.


Crowbars are used as a lever either to force apart two objects or to remove nails. Crowbars are commonly used to open nailed wooden crates. Common uses for larger crowbars are: removing nails, prying apart boards, and generally breaking things. Crowbars can be used as any of the three lever classes but the curved end is usually used as a first-class lever, and the flat end as a second class lever.

Scientists have been using crowbars for decades to fight aliens so it’s only natural for the improvised weapon to make it onto the undead battlefield.


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