Winchester Model 70

weapon (ranged)

Manufacturer: Winchester Repeating Arms Company, U.S. Repeating Arms, Fabrique Nationale de Herstal
Produced: 1936–1963 (Pre ’64), 1964–2006 (Push feed/Classic), 2008–present
Weight: 6–8 lbs
Barrel length: 22, 24 or 26 inch
Cartridge: .270 Winchester (Featherweight), many others
Action: bolt action
Feed system: internal spring fed well with floorplate, 5 round capacity
Sights: Iron front, open adjustable iron rear, tapped for scope mounts


The Winchester Model 70 is a bolt action sporting rifle. It has an iconic place in American sporting culture and has been held in high regard by shooters since it was introduced in 1936, earning the moniker “The Rifleman’s Rifle”. The action has some design similarities to Mauser designs and it is a development of the earlier Winchester Model 54. The Model 70 was originally manufactured by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company between 1936 and 1980. From the early 1980s until 2006, Winchester rifles were manufactured by U.S. Repeating Arms under an agreement with Olin Corporation, allowing USRA to use the Winchester name and logo. Model 70s were built in New Haven, Connecticut, from 1936 to 2006, when production ceased. In the fall of 2007, the Belgian company FN Herstal announced that Model 70 production would resume. As of 2012, new Winchester Model 70 rifles are now being made by FN Herstal in Columbia, South Carolina.

Winchester Model 70

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