House Rules

Ranged Combat/Melee Combat

Called Shots

When attempting to make a called shot to the head or neck, the character now does so at a -4 penalty instead of receiving no bonus at all. If a ranged attack is made against the neck of a target with a ranged weapon, apply a -6 penalty instead.

This should correct the inconsistency of characters having the same chance to hit the head of a target regardless of skill.


Rolling Perception

To roll perception, a character or creature rolls a 1d20. For every two points of I.Q. above 10 (rounding down) the character or creature adds a +1 bonus to their roll. A roll that matches or exceeds the required number wins the roll.


Prowl is the skill used by creatures and characters to move quietly and hide. To use prowl a character divides their skill percentage by 10 (rounding down) and adding that number to a 1d20 roll.
p. A character or creature may actively search or listen for a prowling opponent by making a perception roll, otherwise any roll that exceeds 10 is considered to be successful.


Concealment is used to hide small objects or weapons on a person’s body without them being noticeable to the naked eye. To use concealment, the user identifies the object they are trying to hide, and divides their skill percentage by 10 (rounding down) and adds it to a 1d20 roll.

A character or creature that can actively search an opponent can make a perception roll to identify and locate concealed objects. If the roll matches or exceeds the concealment roll the perception roll is successful and the concealed object located. If not actively searched, any roll above 10 is considered a success.

House Rules

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