Jessica's Journal

October 15th, 2013

To say the last few days have been a little unusual would be a bit of an understatement. I remember when I used to watch movies about this stuff. People used too say it could happen, that you should be ready. Hell, even the government had a plan (even if it was just a planning exercise). I used to think those people were being a bit silly, but when I went to bed that night in October, the last thing I expected was for my uncle to come into my room and tell me the dead were walking.

Now I live with a group of survivors, trying to carve out an existence in this crumbling world. They seem to look up to my uncle, Frank Carson, I guess you could call him a veteran of sorts. To be entirely honest, I’m not sure he’s ever left the battlefield, but now I’m glad he is the way he is, even if we don’t always get along. He’s old, but he’s still strong, fast, and skilled. I guess I owe him a lot, after my mom and dad died my brother and I had nowhere else to go. Jacob is gone now, he went to college, got a pilots license and moved north in the process. I like to think he’s still alive, but it’s hard to contact people now so all I can do is hope. Maybe one day I’ll be able to convince Uncle Frank to go look for him.

I guess I can spare a little space to talk about everyone I’ve met in the last few days. There’s Leslie, who despite appearances is tougher than she looks. Harry tries to come off as some kind of bad ass, but I’m pretty sure he’s just an asshole. Then there’s Roger, he seems like the strong, silent type. He doesn’t say much, but I’ve never seen someone pound in a zombies skull quite like that. Ben is a cop, there’s not much to say there. He seems like a good guy but I haven’t had much of a chance to talk to him yet. He seems to know Julie, a rescue worker we managed to rescue from a horde of zombies after she smashed up her car. She really seems to know her way around a first aid kit, and that’s something invaluable these days. Then there’s Alan, a guy who seems so inept at surviving anything he can’t solve with a computer, but we, and I, have a lot to thank him for. We still have power, running water, and heat thanks to him. He’s also the only other person whose been bitten.

Anyways, what’s going to follow is my own observations and the accounts of my fellow survivors. If we die out here, I’d like there to be a chance someone comes across this and knows we were here, and if we aren’t anymore then maybe someone else can learn from our mistakes and survives this mess.

Jessica O’Neil

Jessica's Journal

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