The Crawler


The Crawlers name is very literal: a crawling zombie. Crawlers are merely Slouchers by another name and with less limbs. Often the Crawler is missing legs, or another assortment of limbs that causes the creature extreme difficulty in maintaining it’s balance. As such, they crawl along the ground or along piping and through rafters. Losing their limbs has made them more cunning, causing them to lie in ambush and wait for human prey to pass by.

Other Names: Ankle Biter, Snake
Know Weaknesses: Destroy/Sever Head
Characteristics: Slow, Stealthy, Mindless

Combat Tactics

Due to their slow speed, Crawlers prefer to ambush their prey. This often entails falling on them from ceiling rafters, grabbing them from underneath abandoned vehicles, and even lurking in shallow water. Their mind set is very much the same as the Sloucher, in that their primary goal is to kill, making one just as aggressive as a group. Often you’ll find crawlers intermixed or near groups of Slouchers.

Survivor Notes

The Crawler

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