The Runner

DescriptionFast zombie

A faster, more nimble variant of the Sloucher, the Runner is able to chase down survivors on foot and trap them until the horde shows up to finish the job. Rarely taking a kill on their own, the fast attack zombie will chase and harass it’s victims, corralling them the same way a dog might corral a herd of sheep. As they chase they let loose a terrible shriek that functions similar to the moan, alerting other zombies in the area and allowing them to pinpoint the location of prey. These zombies are considered extremely dangerous, and should often be eliminated before any others to prevent them from splitting up and picking off members of a survivor group.

Other Names: Fast Attack Zombies, Screechers, Chasers
Characteristics: Fast, Cunning, Single-Minded, Strong
Weaknesses: Destroy Head, Cripple Legs

Combat Tactics

The Runner uses it’s superior speed to chase, harass, and trap prey while it waits for the rest of the horde to show up and finish the job. Though they do not usually take a kill on their own, if the opportunity presents itself they are more than will. After all, the primary motivation of all these creatures is to kill humans. They prefer to use tripping, pouncing, and grabbing as their primary means of attack.

Survivor Notes

The Runner

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