The Sloucher

The Sloucher Soucher

The most common form of Zombie, the Sloucher is a slow, unthinking, and determined hunter of human prey. While mostly mindless and easy to take down on their own, they do present a threat in that a single sloucher can quickly grow it’s numbers and very rarely are they found alone.

Other Names: Walker, Biter, Shambler, Moaner
Common Characteristics: Slow, Unnaturally Strong, Mindless
Known Weaknesses: Destroying/Severing Head
Numbers: 3-12 (Pack), 24-48(Horde) 50+(Convergence)

Combat Tactics

The Sloucher prefers to use it’s moan to summon any other nearby zombies to the scene. While doing so it may attempt to punch, bite, and grab it’s victim in an effort to kill them. They do not think, and therefore do not strategize, making a lone Sloucher just as aggressive as a group.

Survivor Notes

The Sloucher

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